Alpaca agistment

Alpaca agistment (or livery) is the term used in the alpaca industry to describe “board and lodgings”. For a small weekly fee, we will look after your alpaca(s) at Haguelands Farm, providing all the necessary care and attention as we do with our own herd.

Whether you already own alpacas but have limited space or you are looking to purchase alpacas for the first time, an agistment arrangement could be just what you need.

Agistment can be a great option for people purchasing their first alpacas, but do not immediately have adequate land of their own. It can be a viable way of entering this emergent industry and as alpacas need to be kept in groups of at least three, provides you with a chance to start your ownership with just a single animal.

Alpacas will chase predators, canines and foxes which they dislike. They are very fast and will stamp at or on the attacker by using their front feet. They rise off the ground onto their back legs and bring their front legs down with considerable force and speed. Also when alpacas feel threatened they can emit a piercing alarm scream to alert the herd and others to the danger.

Guardians should be introduced into flocks with plenty of time to bond, possibly 4-6 weeks prior to the start of lambing. They will stay fairly close to the flock not only for companionship but also as a protector.

We have a number of wether’s ideal for this purpose on the farm and we loan them on a weekly basis at very competitive prices. For further information please contact us

What is included?

At Haguelands we have a growing herd and we welcome agistment. We have extensive pasture land divided into manageable paddocks with barn/stabling available. Also, you are safe in the knowledge that our agisted alpacas will receive the same individual care and attention as our own alpacas.

Not all owners or potential owners are able to provide the grazing and stabling that alpacas need, or the time to look after them. With agistment you can own one or more without the worry. It maybe that you just require winter grazing or stabling, or maybe cover for a long deserved holiday. In any event, Haguelands can help. Agistment at Haguelands gives you the opportunity to own one or more of these lovely animals whether for pleasure, investment or guardianship.

A complete or part service is available at Haguelands at competitive prices. We require all animals coming onto the farm to have a Vets health certificate. We will not accept animals from parishes that are less than 4 year T.B. testing.