Alpaca Points

Here at Alpaca Annie, we love to reward you for shopping with us and supporting our very own herd. That’s why for every purchase you make with us, you’ll earn Alpaca Points that can be redeemed against any future purchases.

Here’s how it works

For every £1 spent, you’ll collect 1 point, which is worth a penny. For example; spend £5 in the shop, you’ll collect 5 points, which is 5p off your next shop. Whilst shopping, every product will state how many points that product is worth.

How to apply the discount

At the checkout stage, simply hit ‘APPLY DISCOUNT’ above your items, and select how many points you wish to redeem against that purchase.

See how many points you have

Head over to ‘Your Account’ where you can check out how many points you have in total. Points from purchases will be applied to your account straight away.

Points expiry

Our Alpaca Points will only expire once they are redeemed.

We’ll also hold bonus point days every now and then, so keep an eye out for those to earn even more rewards. We hope you enjoy shopping with us.

Annie x