We’re here to answer all of your questions if you need us, but below we’ve listed the most common…

Q. Can children go on an alpaca trek?
A. Children under 14 can go free on our trek, but must be supervised by an adult and are not permitted to hold their own alpaca. However, a child may share the same lead so as to not miss out. Children between 14 and 17 may walk their own alpaca, but an accompanying adult must be present at all times.

Q. Do alpacas spit?
A. Unlike llamas, alpacas only occasionally spit – but only when they feel threatened or hurt. It is very unlikely for a human to be a target.

Q. Is your yarn sustainable?
A. Yes – our wool is made from our very own alpaca’s natural wastage from shearing, naturally occurring once a year to keep them cool during the British summer.

Q. Are the alpacas hurt in any way when they are sheared?
A. No, it’s just like having your head shaved, the animals are not hurt in any way

Q. How do I book a trek?
A. That’s easy – head to our experiences page where you’ll be able to book online

Q. What is involved in a trek?
A. Full details can be found on our trekking experiences page

Q. What is your delivery policy?
A. All orders over £50 will be delivered free of charge. For all other orders, our delivery policy can be seen here

Q. What is your returns policy?
A. Our returns policy can be seen here

Q. How can I contact Alpaca Annie?
A. Please email sales@alpacaannie.com or call 01303 870527. To write, please see our address on our Contact page

Q. How do I get to Alpaca Annie ?
A. Our postcode is TN29 0JR, and our full address can be seen here

Q. What are your Alpaca Points?
A. We reward you for shopping with us. See full details here

Q. Can you tell me more about your yarn?
A. Our own brand yarn is DK (double knit) yarn. Visit our wool page or double knit yarn page to find out more