Alpacas for sale

Alpacas make wonderful pets, they’re great at mowing the lawn and provide a fleece that can be sold or spun and made into clothing. They’re gentle, sensitive animals, easy to maintain and can be walked on a halter. They’re fun for all the family and will provide a talking point for friends and visitors!

We sell halter trained, well behaved, lovable, non-breeding male alpacas for guardianship or as pets. Depending on your needs we can recommend the alpaca to suit you.

What’s included?

We offer a full, friendly support package* when you purchase our alpacas. This includes; a visit to your premises, yearly shearing, nail clipping, vaccinations, feed and more. We love keeping in touch with our alpacas (and their new families) and we’re always happy to help with any enquiries you may have!

We vet before you pet

It’s extremely important to us that our alpacas go to a good home, and as such, we will carry out a full vetting process before a sale is complete.

We know that introducing alpacas to your life is a big commitment. So prior to purchase we require all customers to spend 1 or 2 days (depending on your knowledge of alpaca husbandry) handling the alpacas and learning how to care for them.

Get in touch

If you would like to find out more regarding alpaca sales or hire, please contact

Please note; alpacas are herd animals and are sold in groups of three as a minimum. We can arrange packages to suit all budgets.

*The support package is only available to those living within a 45-mile radius of the Alpaca Annie farm.