Alpaca Annie: Business Update [June 2024]

Alpaca Annie Business Update June 2024

Back in May, we announced Annie’s retirement and everything was a little uncertain.

However, we are pleased to announced that Alpaca Annie WILL be staying open and you will still be able to come and see your fluffy friends.

All of you are very important to us so we want to be as transparent as possible and let you know that we will continue to find homes for some of our alpacas (we have sold alpacas for many years to good and loving homes).

So our herd will become slightly smaller and even though Alpaca Annie is staying open, things will look slightly different from September.

Please keep an eye on our socials for more updates over the next two months of what is to come next.

From the team that will be looking after Alpaca Annie once Annie has retired, we would be so grateful that you will continue to support us and visit us especially in the winters months as that’s when we become a little quieter and our alpacas are dreaming of carrots every day!

Thank you for reading!

Team Annie x