Therapeutic Alpaca Fibre Socks

Therapeutic Alpaca Fibre Socks


Therapeutic Socks in an alpaca blend ideal for feet that need extra care!  Loose fitting with a generously ribbed body which will allow for swelling and reduce pressure.

Benefits of Alpaca fibre for people suffering with Diabetes include:

Warmth to improve the blood circulation of feet, therefore keeping feet healthy and warm.  Alpacas regulate their body temperature during the winter and summer months.  Diabetic socks can be worn all year round.  Alpaca is also hypo allergenic with no lanolin content, reducing the risk of irritation to the skin

There are no prominent seams on the socks and lose fitting cuffs which will allow for any swelling of feet or joints.

Alpaca fibre wicks away moisture and allows feet to breathe reducing perspiration to zero.  Sweat causes fungal infections and ulcers.

Manufactured in Peru to very high standards.  Recommended care instructions are to wash in cold water with a gentle detergent and do not tumble dry.

Composition: 64% Alpaca, 27% Acrylic, 5% Nylon, 4% Elastic.

Sizes – small 4-7, medium 8-10, large 11-13, x large 13+

Now available in Brown and Purple.