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Trekking with us is a wonderful way to get the feel of Romney Marsh.  It is an unique time with our alpacas to learn more about them.  They are halter trained, gentle, sensitive and inquisitive.   Which leads to fun and laughter, they get as much pleasure from the trek as you will.  Alpacas make ideal partners for trekking for all ages, groups, singles, special occasions and it is great for families.

Please wear suitable shoes or wellies and warm clothing as appropriate.  Our trekking experience includes a range of activities throughout the visit. When you arrive, you’ll meet with our team and receive an informative talk, where you’ll learn about these incredible creatures, and how to safely handle them. After which, you’ll get to meet with the Alpacas, and get your own Alpaca to walk with*.  Along with your new friend, we’ll begin a one hour trek around the beautiful countryside in and around the Haguelands. Half-way through, we’ll stop for a quick break where you’ll get an opportunity to hand feed the alpacas.  Capture the moment on camera to make it a trek to remember

*Note that children under 14, for health and safety reasons, are unable to walk their own alpaca.  However, a child may share the same lead with an adult.   Children between 14 and 17 may walk their own Alpaca, but an accompanying adult must be present at all times.

Treks are Tuesday – Sunday at 10am and 1pm.