Luxury Alpaca Fur Hat

Luxury Alpaca Fur Hat


Luxury alpaca fur hats from Alpaca Annie. They are pure luxury, soft and comfortable to wear for any occasion, formal, casual and on the ski slopes!

Measurement of head is 58cm.

Care instructions – if your hat gets wet in the rain or snow, shake off the excess water, allow it to dry at room temperature or it can be placed in an airing cupboard. Using your hairdryer on a low heat is suitable and will fluff your hat back up. Please do not apply direct heat. Do not dry clean. A little shampoo and cold water can be used to clean the hat, rinse thoroughly and dry as explained above. Avoid detergents and fabric conditioners

All of our luxury alpaca fur hats are sourced from natural death due to the extreme and harsh Peruvian winters, ethically sourced and handmade by artisans using skill and quality fibre. We also use Fair Trade suppliers. Alpaca is light, breathable and hypoallergenic with no lanolin content.

A selection of colours available. You will also receive a complimentary cotton bag to keep your hat clean and dust-free!

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